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Jing Fang Lecture Series Part 4

Four live seminars lasting 2 hours each, and given online by Frances Turner, course director and senior supervisor at the School of Classical Chinese Herbalism (SCCH). These four lectures complete the Jing Fang Lecture Series. They will take place online on Thursday mornings between 11am and 1pm UK time.

Cost: £40 per lecture if taken singly, £140 for all four.

“These lectures are a very good basis for learning about herbs and this system of medicine, and Frances has crammed so much information in to give the learner a full picture. The patient cases bring it to life and allow everyone to see how Jing Fang is applied in clinical practice, but even these cases are no substitute for being in the Cholsey clinic.”  

uzanne Mounter, JFA Graduate 2020

Lecture Outline

To book a place, please contact Frances.

Dr Feng's students

Dr Feng’s students in South Oxfordshire, 2015

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