Jing Fang Lecture Series

“The Jing Fang introductory lectures are extremely useful.

The information is explained in a very clear and structured manner, with case studies that illustrate all the different formula patterns. The audio is a bonus.

These lectures provide a very solid base that complement the practical side of the apprenticeship and help consolidate your learning”.  

Cristina Lopez-Pasqual, Apprentice 2020-22

The lectures

  • 60+ hours of audio lectures with PDF slides
  • Written and presented by Frances Turner
  • Systematic A-Z presentation of the fundamentals of Jing Fang
  • Theory component of the Jing Fang Apprenticeship (JFA)
  • Can be studied as a stand alone course
  • No prior knowledge of Chinese herbal medicine necessary


  • Parts 1, 2 & 3: £350 per part, part 4: £175. 
  • Complete set discount: £1100


Further details

  • Discussion of both herbs and formulas
  • Classical references to the Shang Han Za Bing Lun and the Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing
  • Illustrated by many modern day case examples from the clinics of Dr Feng Shi-Lun in Beijing in 2014, 15 and 16, and from our own SCCH
  • Including lively discussion with students
  • On average an apprentice on the JFA will study the first two parts in their first year, and the third and fourth in their second year, however, this is a guideline, and study is flexible.
  • In addition, these lectures can be studied as a stand alone course for qualified herbalists wishing to develop their Jing Fang skills. However, these lectures are not a substitute for clinical experience, and we would recommend attendance at clinic to more clearly understand how this system works in practice.

Part 1

  • 13 lectures
  • Underlying theory
  • Starter Packs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6: Key herbs and formulas that you will meet regularly in clinic
  • Illustrated by cases from observation in Dr Feng’s clinic in Beijing, and from the SCCH.

Part 2

  • 10 lectures
  • Starter Packs 7 & 8: Continuing our exploration of key herbs and formulas
  • Consolidating the study of herbs and formulas assigned to specific syndromes: shaoyang, taiyang zhongfeng, taiyang shanghan, and shaoyin, plus taiyin and yangming formulas for shen disturbance.
  • Illustrated by cases from observation in Dr Feng’s clinic in Beijing, and from the SCCH.

Part 3

  • 11 lectures
  • Continuing the consolidation of the taiyang zhongfeng with huang qi formulas,
  • Taiyin, yangming and jueyin pi-glomus formulas
  • Continuing the consolidation of the taiyin with an exploration of stop bleeding and blood stasis herbs and formulas.
  • Yangming lower formulas and complex ma huang formulas
  • Further case illustrations from observation in Dr Feng’s clinic in Beijing and from SCCH

Part 4

  • 5 lectures
  • Complex ma huang formulas
  • Consolidation of jueyin and taiyin cold formulas
  • The use of fire toxin herbs
  • Some final cases from Dr Feng’s clinic and from SCCH

Students at Cholsey Pavilion

Students listening to Dr Feng Shi-Lun in 2015 in our lovely SCCH classroom in Cholsey Pavilion, South Oxfordshire

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