Graduation of Jing Fang Apprentices:

On completion of the Apprentice Logbook, apprentices graduate from the Jing Fang Apprenticeship (JFA), and are awarded a Licentiate in Classical Chinese Herbalism.

Our graduation celebration in 2021 included apprentices who graduated during lockdown in 2020, and was a lovely occasion. Below we see Frances Turner and Anna Morshead presenting graduates with certificates and flowers. Graduates were Sue Mounter, Tom Kennedy, Margaret Miller, Jayne Guven and Jamie Hamilton, with Vasanthy Watt completing a post-graduate year.

Graduation 2020graduation 2020Graduation 2020Graduation 2020Graduation 2020

And of course it ended with food, on this occasion a picnic in the park

Graduation picnic 2020

This is the feast for the graduation of Zoe Lake and Neil Kingham, which was our first in 2016.

Graduation feast 2016

Kevin Grey and Julia Smith graduating in 2018

Graduation 2018

And Victoria Conran in 2019

Graduation 2019


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