Accreditation of Chinese Herbal Medicine Trainings:

The School of Classical Chinese Herbalism (SCCH) has entered the European Herbal and Traditional Practitioners Association (EHTPA) process for the accreditation of Chinese herbal medicine courses.

The EHTPA is the accrediting body for the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine (RCHM). The RCHM is one of the two key lead bodies for Chinese herbal medicine in the UK. It does valuable work looking after the quality of our educational standards, as well as the quality of our herbal supplies. It supports its members by organising seminars and conferences, and taking the lead in clarifying legal issues.

Who can practice Chinese Herbal Medicine?

There are currently no laws regulating the practice of Chinese herbal medicine in the UK, and anyone is entitled to set up as a herbalist. It is also not a legal requirement to belong to a lead body, and it is quite possible to get insurance to practice without belonging to one.

However, it is good practice to belong to a lead body, and if we as practitioners support the RCHM, this both gives our profession greater strength, and gives us as individuals support for our own practice and access to the wider Chinese herbal medicine community. 

For these reasons, SCCH has entered the EHTPA accreditation process, and we hope in due course that our graduates will enjoy the automatic entry to the RCHM that accreditation confers. However, it is already possible for our graduates to apply to join the RCHM as individuals, and we are committed to support you through this process should you choose to do this.


All graduates of the Jing Fang Apprenticeship (JFA) are currently able to get insurance from Balens on completion of the course. It is also possible for you to get student insurance before that, as long as you are working with us under supervision.


Frances Turner and Dr Feng with the statue of Jiao Shu De at the Shu De Tang clinic in Beijing, 2015

Chinese Medicine Accreditation

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