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“It has been the most remarkable and fulfilling educational experience I have ever had”

Suzanne Mounter, JFA Graduate 2020, Dispensary Assistant 2020-21

Jing fang is a practical clinical approach to modern Chinese herbal medicine practice, that is  based in the classics of antiquity.

Whether new to the subject or already a practicing herbalist, this approach can improve your clinical efficacy. It helps us all to help our patients more.


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School of Classical Chinese Herbalism

Our Courses

Chinese Herbal Medicine Training

“Jing fang has given me a way of understanding herbal medicine that is both profound and effective. For that I am eternally grateful!”

Andrew Nuttall, JFA Graduate 2021

Jing Fang Apprenticeship: teaching Jing Fang Classical Herbalism in the lineage of Dr Feng Shi-Lun and Dr Hu Xi-Shu. A practical approach.

  • Jing Fang Lecture Series: online audio lectures taking you systematically through the underlying theory, herbs and formulas.
  • Live seminars: online lectures and seminars presenting new material, and offering ongoing discussion of cases and clinical support
  • Mentoring groups: a chance to get together with colleagues to discuss difficult cases and issues


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Jing Fang Classical Herbalism

Jing Fang Classical Herbalism

“Your depth of knowledge, as well as your warmth and willingness to share it, have made the last two years the most important and enjoyable of my career to date”

Tom Kennedy, JFA Graduate 2021

We teach Jing Fang Classical herbalism using the Jing Fang Six Syndrome Differentiation System of Dr Feng Shi-Lun and Dr Hu Xi-shu.

Dr Feng’s generosity in passing this knowledge on to us foreign students is unsurpassed, and we remain hugely grateful to him, and to all those around him who have facilitated the development of our work. Particular thanks go to Suzanne Robidoux who translated for us and shared her knowledge with us.


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Who we are

We are a group of Chinese medicine practitioners and lifelong students, with personal experience of using Jing Fang effectively in clinical practice. Our faculty is led by Frances Turner and continues to expand and develop as more practitioners learn this wonderful system of Classical Chinese Herbalism.

The Jing Fang Apprenticeship was set up by Frances Turner with Maggie Bavington after studying in the clinic of Dr Feng Shi-Lun in Beijing. Frances had been teaching Chinese herbal medicine in the UK for some years, and realised the extraordinary potential of Jing Fang to improve our clinical efficacy. She went on to study further with Dr Feng, and also invited him to England to teach, setting up the Jing Fang Apprenticeship (JFA) in 2015, and the School of Classical Chinese Herbalism (SCCH) in 2020.

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